Watching Scrubs
So I'm watching scrubs, a common occurrence.  It's the one where they imagine death to be like a broadway musical, and the characters are singing.  I've seen it a million times, but for the first time I really noticed the words:

I already have a plan.  I'm waiting for my real life to begin.

And it occurred to me- everything in life is waiting.  Rarely do we do anything with the express wish to live in the present.  We go to school, we get good grades, we get a job, we meet new people, we play a sport.  And all along, we're waiting for it to pay off.  We're waiting for the moment when we can look back and say it was all worth it, because we got somewhere.  And we never do.

There's a huge cultural fixation on achievement.  Getting things done, getting somewhere- because once you do that, it's supposed to be great.  If there's one thing that defines life, and probably what makes it so hard, is how it's all about what's going to come, and rarely about what we already have.  Everyone's noticed that.  I think it's okay.  It's how we live, and maybe if we could focus more on the process than the destination we'd notice that there's really no drive to have a purpose in life.  The only thing pushing us is conformity- to society, but mostly to history.  We expect to keep everything going by doing it all by the rules.  But what if we didn't follow the rules?  What would happen?  Nothing.  People have tried it and turned out fine.  Great, actually.  There is no "real life" and it's never going to begin.  Nothing ever really begins; it continues.  And whether or not you choose to accept it, time will keep going- and drag you with it.  

There is no destination- so all that's left is to enjoy the process. 


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